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Designing Houses

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A theme, or style, is an inspiration that's used to create a whole new space, making it feel like sensation of unity. An idea of the style reflects deeply on the client's socio-cultural economic status. These style ideas usually follow a particular amount of fashion. During the past fifty years, interior designing and residential d├ęcor have been modified enormously. With the introduction of latest technologies, materials and merchandise, it's only natural that styling or designing has changed while using these new technologies & and modernized materials.

 The 1960’s:
During the early 1960’s houses had no shape and simply  looked liked boxes that were occupied by the inhabitants. The late 60's modified all that, with the use of modernisation of construction and designing, we are still able to see that it exists. Open living areas were made. Open living areas means creating numerous rooms with subdivisions inside the house.

Many of the homes that were designed post the war had a sitting area made at the end of the living room. The wall between the 2 would be removed, making it a bigger space. A part was made for dining, a part for watching TV, and many occasions a third division was made for other purposes such as a study, etc. Divisions of the rooms were made with screens. The various parts of house were also covered with rugs and carpets.

During the 1960’s floral patterns became a trend. The designs were colourful in nature. The floral patterns were used either for upholstery or as wallpapers. It was definitely a widespread trend. Decorating trends also have rules, and also have to be a part of the universe. And it is during this era holistic decorating trends were born.

The 1970s:

During the 1970’s interior designing was actually created.  Availability of cheap goods aand raw materials were the main reasons building modern houses with modern designing. The era of experimentation during the 60's ended. People's interest in historic preservation was sparked. The older homes were being restored, and concrete neighbourhoods rescued. The new generation started preserving the clock towers, carriage homes and even barns that was once inhabitated. Interior designing continued to grow throughout the 70's.
The common material used for rug carpets was polyester. Everything involving interior designing during the 70's was in favour of comfort. The note worthy rug carpet was just the beginning. Velvet couches with many pillows became a trend for decorating the halls or sit outs.The inexpensive panelling were made from wood, this era was the main reason for our current trends existing today.
The 1980s:

It was during the 1980’s that pink was considered pretty and therefore widely used. There was no compromising during this period, either everything was nice looking or bad looking. The same was applied for decorating as well.

Experimentation with the various drywall textures led to the 'popcorn' ceiling of the 80's. Tiles and wooden flooring have the power to yield stunning results with the use of various colours of tiles or wood for ornamental border decoration.

The New Millennium:

Today, the themes used in interior designing are not jus themes in specific limited to designing. This gives us the power to use multiple designs to create a new and bolder looking neat design.

For the past 10 years, architects, designers and interior designers have rediscovered the distinctive piece of furniture from the 50's and 60's. The designers nowadays have the power to use each natural and artificial materials to create a whole new different level of designing.

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