Sunday, 16 June 2013

Terrace Gardening for Villas

The finest thing about terrace gardens is that they do not require much space. Open small spaces verandas and balconies provide a perfect setting for an outdoor garden in your villa.

 Layout Design: The first step for a terrace garden at your habitat is to look at the outline. Layout thought also involves determining the number of trees, shrubs, and even potted plants you want to keep. Whichever area you select, remember that it should be able to support the combined weight of gravel and sand.

 Plant Selection: When you are considering a terrace garden at home, remember that it is always a good idea to go for plants that do not have the tap root system. This kind of roots have the ability to go deep into the soil and therefore can damage your roof and undermine the stability of the whole building structure. So, when you are considering a terrace garden at home, go for indoor plants having a fibrous root.

 Drainage System: A proper drainage system is another crucial aspect of developing a terrace garden in your home. This attracts attention and does not interfere with the well-being of your building structure. Otherwise, dampness may become a big problem. Consider construction of enough number of drainage chambers in the area surrounding the garden. A network of small drainage pipes opening up to a larger one at the end is ideal.

 Roof Security: To ensure that the irrigation system of your terrace garden does not lead to damage of the roof go for a coating of waterproof material on the terrace before developing the garden. Ensure there are no leaks anywhere that can lead to dampness of the walls. Lightweight manure is ideal for the terrace gardens since it keeps the soil porous and allows proper air and sunlight circulation.

 Garden expansion: Based on the layout, start placing brickbats. Burnt bricks are ideal since they are good at facilitating drainage. Ridged sheet use is another effective alternative that allows good water circulation for maximum benefits and minimum retention. Once the development is complete, one can grow flowering plants, creepers, and vegetables here. These are few things to help have a green terrace garden at home.

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