Wednesday, 14 August 2013

An Insight into Roman Architecture and Culture:

The exact location of heaven on earth has never really been recognized, but it could very well be a villa around Sarjapur in Bangalore.

A villa is part of an ongoing ritual in architecture dating back to ancient times. In the sixteenth century Venetian master architect, Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), successfully rejuvenated the traditional style because he believed ‘the study of ancient remains was the power and moral force behind Roman civilization. This was when villas were built to develop the head, the heart, the body and the soul.

The world back then only used the words “architectural genius” with those who built cathedrals, palaces and temples. Palladio had vision and rare ideas and changed all of it.
The willingly flexible architectural formula that he urbanized was so flourishing that he gained many supporters and imitators in his time, and for four centuries since. The combination of scale and proportion mathematics, geometry, that he subscribed to were easy for others to interpret and also offered an opportunity for them to express their own thoughts as well. Palladio changed the private domestic house into an art form.
In many parts of the world his enduring authority is clearly evident in abundant porches, grand cornices, sociable gardens, grand ceilings, columned porticoes, vaulted cellars and front door pediments.
Palladio believed a villa should be ‘placed on a mount with a wonderful view, next to a river’ or, nearby to a natural spring. The complete accessibility of a water source was important to the agricultural premise of a villa and the continuing superior health and wellbeing of its owners. The 3rd President of the United States of America Thomas Jefferson, built his villa Monticello on a mountaintop, based on Andrea Palladio’s publication “The Four Books of Architecture” the architectural formula was used. Jefferson allegedly said, ‘Palladio is the Bible. You should get it and stick to it’.

The people of Ancient Rome first urbanized villa culture in a wish to take pleasure in the desirable pleasures of country life. In a villa in the countryside a man could unwind, read the books of the history, sleep or rest as his frame of mind he dictated, while enjoying the excellent wine and fresh food of the district, in great quantity.

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